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Staff Information

The group is hosted and run by several dozen of the role-playing community's most talented and experienced individuals. Below is the full list of all staff members.


Chief Executive Officer - Robert Falk (FSF Falk)
Chief Operations Officer - Michael Ward (FSF Ward)
Honorary Member - Jonathan Shuni (AdmShuni)

Personnel Department

Boards Director - FSF Dragon
Communications Director - FSF Selkie
Community Director - * OPEN *
Recruiting Director - FSF Ignatius
Training Director - *OPEN*
Website Director - FSF Tommy

Advisory Board

Live Game Advisor - FSF Cassiopeia
Non-Trek Advisor - FSF Meushell
Play By Post Advisor - FSF Sail
R & D Advisor - FSF Merlin
Star Trek Advisor - FSF Lowell

Hosting Team

AdmShuni A Dictator's Misadventures
FSF Bailey
FSF Bastetovski FSF Bastetovski's Blog FSF Bastetovski
FSF Blackjack Hit Me and Double Down
FSF Cassiopeia Inspirations from Huggle Central
FSF Dragon Dragons Lair
FSF Duke FSFDuke's Blog
FSF Eagle
FSF Esrom Another Morse Esrom's Room Mia's Meanderings Up My Ally: Dutcher's Diaries
FSF Falk Hiker's Paradise Falk's Classical Music Review
FSF Ignatius Novels with Ignatius Cooking With Ignatius
FSF Josh Captain Josh's Logs FSF's Community Center
FSF Lowell
FSF Margo Skittles!!!!!!!
FSF Merlin Merlins Chatter
FSF Meushell FSF Meushell - Weight Loss
FSF Obrian
FSF Pariah Roleplay Theory
FSF Sail
FSF Scarlett
FSF Selkie
FSF Seraphim
FSF Titan The Depths of Titan-ic
FSF Tommy AMS Development Blog
FSF Ward
FSF Who Who's Who FSF Who Weight Loss Challenge

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