The Great Bird of Prey, Symbol of the Empire

Welcome to Ascension Base! Located along the Neutral Zone, this highly classified and secret planetary base serves as a home away from home for the Tal’Shiar and her operatives.

Nestled in the foothills of a mountain range on the planet Tarix VI, Ascension Base is fully self contained.

Featuring a full range of facilities ranging from Research and Development to training, Ascension Base has all the tools necessary to carry out the secretive and important missions of the Tal’Shiar.

From this base, “Ascension” teams—the newest concept in Tal’Shiar tactics—launch covert missions deep into enemy territory to gather information or perform simple sabotage.

But the job of the Tal’Shiar will always be to keep loyalty in the empire, thus Ascension teams are spread not only throughout the galaxy, but also the Empire.

The mobility needed for the Ascension teams has lead the Tal’Shiar to create them new…rides. The answer—the Darkfate-class runabout.

Designed with infiltarion and stealth in mind, the 6-8 person runabout comes armed with the latest in stealth technology, and is capable of defending herself if needed.

Each team consists of a Commander, 3-4 specialists, and 3-4 General members depending on the mission profile.


Join the crew as the endeavor to secure the Chosen’s place in the galaxy.


Power to the Chosen!