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Newsletter Information

Links to view the different newsletters produced in this group. Also check out the archives.

  • FSF: The Newsletter - FSF: The Newsletter offers member spotlight interviews, news about group promotions, as well as games.

  • Simming It Up! - Simming it Up is a gamers guide for veteran and new simmers alike.

  • The Commanders Table - Based off "The Captain's Table" Star Trek book series, this newsletter publishes one story each month by one of FSF's hosts.

  • The FSF Chronicle - The FSF Chronicle was FSF's log publication. The best logs every three months were published for everyone to read.

  • The FSF Insider - The FSF Insider is produced once a month and contains weekly sim summaries and game highlights.

  • The FSF Weekly Buzz - The FSF Buzz is FSF's weekly news publication. Anything and everything happening in the FSF goes into the Buzz! Check us out.

  • The Omega Journal - The Omega Journal was an intergroup newsletter filled with news, logs and scifi information. Published by SFEF and FSF to over 800 people.