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Simming Guides

Need to learn some more information about your position or weapons? More information within!

  • Alert Types - Red alert? Green alert? What does it all mean? Well they all mean something and if you read this, you'll understand it a lot better.

  • Duty Shift Rotations - ACK! Alpha shift is now beta shift?? What does it mean? Check in here to learn about shift changes and more.

  • EPS & Power Systems - Engineering 101 for sure! Learn about the EPS system and other starship power systems in this nifty guide.

  • General Engineering Information - You've been assigned as an engineer.. and you have NO CLUE what you're supposed to be doing, so check this out.

  • In Depth: Phasers - So you want to know how to fire that nifty thing, huh? No problem, just know what you're doing first.. with this guide of course!

  • Log Types - After the sim when everyone is writing a log, you're wondering... what constitutes a log?

  • Security Officers - Some information on what Security Officers do and what you can do if you decide to be one.