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Meet Jonathan Shuni

Jonathan Shuni

      Hello and thanks for taking the time to look me up. :) My online alias is Jonathan Shuni, Shuni for short. I've been role-playing and simming online since the early 90s and was the founder and creator of the Federation Sim Fleet. I've been here for over a decade and I've learned a lot in my tenure with this group.

      I've made a lot of great friends in the FSF, and the friendships that I have are what keeps me here. This group means a lot to me. It helps me to get away from life, work and family. It lets me release my creativity. And it even helped me find a good job offline. I've put my Supervisory skills to work in the group and have learned a lot from work and managing a Staff of over fifty.

      I enjoy getting the random IMs saying hello and asking me questions. It's the members that drive my passion in this group. Without you, none of this would be fun. Drop me an email, say hello sometime, or stop on by Ten Forward or the message boards. You'll find I'm around and will say hello.

- Jonathan Shuni