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Star Trek Briefing Example

The USS Elliott (Soverign Class) is on a mission to aid the citizens of the planet Ramos Prime. There has recently been an unnatural earthquake on the planet. The Elliott's mission is to aid the planet and find out what caused the earthquake. We are now coming into orbit around Ramos.

You are a cadet in your fourth (and final) year in Starfleet Academy. A team of cadets and two officers have been dispatched from Starfleet Academy to rescue a Ferrengi Ship that has drifted into the Sol (our) solar system. When approaching the craft, near, Saturn, something happens....

After a brief stopover for minor computer maintenance at Starbase 211, the USS Phantom (Defiant Class) is en route to Terra for a change in Cadet crews. A few days out, an anomaly shows up in the ship's central computer system. It appears that an unknown, possibly "intelligent" form of life has entered the ship's computer and is periodically leaping between systems causing havoc and confusion. The cadets must isolate and eliminate the alien presence without damaging the ship.

The USS Phantom (Galaxy Class) is assigned to transport a group of colonists to a newly terraformed planet in the Curie system. The colonists are farmers and peasants. They are a very simple, friendly, and curious people. Though they are quarted in our cargo bays, they are free to travel to any unrestricted area of the ship.

The USS Opaka (Galaxy Class) has been dispatched to conduct a survey of Omega 4, an uninhabited class M planet which has been singled out by Starfleet for possible colonization. We are to do full a full survey of this planet and assess its hospitability to colonization.

USS Lollipop (Defiant Class) has been ordered to proceed to the UFP outpost colony Beemartine for a routine check. The Outpost has missed its last few check-ins but had been known to be having difficulties with their communication equipment.

The USS Harbin is currently enroute to Deep Space 6, located in the remote Herrenberg sector. Reports show that the station stopped transmitting standard reports, and communications 2 days ago. DS6 is a highly classified station, where many new technologies for Starfleet are tested. With this in mind, Head Quarters believes that the Cardassian/Dominion troops have either destroyed the station, or are attempting to take it over.