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Honorary Members & Hall of Fame

    Tempered Paradox
      For diligent service to the FSF and ever-lasting friendship to the FSF membership. She left the simming community in early 2001.
      For being there when the FSF needed her. She's quite the woman and has give valuable advice on the FSF Buzz newsletter.
    FSF Endevour
      For being a wonderful host, for over a year. For being a long-term member on one of FSF's oldest games, USS Endevour, she eventually rose to lead the ship for over 12 months. Her passing affected many of us and she will not be forgotten. An award was named after her work on the USS Endevour and the death of her only daughter in 2004 was mourned by all.
    FSF Davis
      His work as a host in the FSF and as our Board Director earns Davis a place as an honorary member forever in the Federation Sim Fleet.
    FSF Ann
      Her work with Omega Fleet and the USS Exodus has earned Ann a solid place as an Honorary Member. Being 'engaged' in-character to the group leader had its many downsides and her tolerance of those that wished to cause us harm lit a beacon of hope for all. Thank you Ann.
    FSF Wrath
      Former host and former Chief of Operations for the group, Mike was a dear friend to everyone he met. He played with us and enjoyed the conversations and community as much as anyone could. He contributed many long nights and lasted through staff meeting after staff meeting for the good of the group. Thank you Mike.
    FSF Jon
      Jon joined the FSF as a host in 2001 and worked his way up to first running his own sim to eventually running the entire Alpha Fleet. He has worked tireless over the years on such projects as the Hosting Academy to finally developing a host training program as Training Director. His tenure in the FSF has affected hundreds of people, and his absence as he moves on in his life, has been missed.
    SLA Seth
      He's provided hours of enjoyment for FSF members, has provided advice on a large number of issues, and has defended the FSF when she needed him most. Seth was known as FSF's best friend in the simming community.
    FSF Morpheus
      Martin joined the FSF as host, quickly rose to the positions of Epsilon XO and eventually Omega Fleet CO where he worked and played for several years. Martin died of brain cancer in February 2006. He will be forever remembered as a host and friend to many.