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Simulation: Starbase 35
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President Cassieopeia
United federation of Planets
Starfleet Command
24-593 Federation Drive
San Francisco, CA

Stardate 150123.000025

Starfleet Command
24-593 Federation Drive,
San Francisco, CA

Admiral Merlin,
It is my pleasure to inform you of your new position within Star fleet, As of this moment any and all personal on Starbase 35 are now part of Star Fleet Criminal Investigation Services Alpha Fleet Quadrant.

Though it brings me both great joy and much to my dismay some great pain I am appointing you Director Of Star Fleet Criminal Investigation Service(SFCIS)

You have some large boots to fill with the former Director Rear Admiral Clint Eastwood now being retired.

In your Draw you will find the badges and a pad of who is in charge of what I expect you upon receipt of this letter to contact me.
Unfortunately that wont be possible as I have call Screening and will not be answering.

Should you need to contact me Please Speak to Admiral Ruthaford R. Rathbone - Personnel Director SFHQ.
Try not to be to much of a pain in his Ass Admiral he likes you.

Admiral your Lead investigator and deputy Director Might not be willing to help you out.
Have fun Convincing Mister G. H. Williams to come out of retirement captain.

Sincerely yours,
President Cassiopeia