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Simulation: Star Trek: Andromeda
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EPISODE 216: "Monkey Wrench" (19 February 2013)

Tucker's team manages to access the internal computers of the Kelvan conduit management hub being used by the Conglomerate as their home base. Using existing programs in the system, they trigger a remapping of all conduit access frequencies and download the new data to their tricorders before detonating the maintenance node of the station (thus rendering the Odyssey crew the only people who know the access frequencies used to trigger transit through any individual conduit).

Their activities, however, trigger an alarm in the Conglomerate living quarters on the hub, allowing Artemis Cain to almost slip the grasp of the strike team sent to capture him. The strike team returns to the other team's shuttle, which (protected by the Odyssey from pursuing Conglomerate ships) follows Cain on his escape attempt and disables him after a failed attempt to use the rewritten conduit system. Cain is incapacitated and brought back to the Odyssey for a triumphant return to the Milky Way.