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Simulation: Star Trek: Andromeda
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EPISODE 214: "The Hub: Part II" (4 February 2013)

A strike team consisting of Valerian, Sullivan, Swift, Kii, and two redshirt SEC officers makes an infiltration into the giant Kelvan structure that the crew discovered while pursuing their released Conglomerate prisoner; their goal is to track down the lone human signature among the chameloids that primarily populate the structure, capture him alive, and return with him to the Milky Way.

A second team on the runabout Castor begins a flyby of the station attempting to gather information; Lucindak crossreferences data obtained from scans by Higara with her library of data on Kelvan technology and discovers that the Odyssey library has a record of this structure; it is a Kelvan central control hub for the conduit system, and the library contains access codes to get inside.