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Simulation: Star Trek: Andromeda
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EPISODE 192: "Disassembly" (31 July 2012)

Tucker leads a team consisting of Sandiago, Hayes, Sullivan, Swift, Pilot, and Kii to a Kelvan conduit in the Korluch belt (as the crew has been asked to disassemble or disable the conduit by a local race, the Dallinebians, to prevent further raids on them by slavers). They begin looking for access to the conduit's systems, and discover some rooms at the main nodes of the conduit, sealed off by security systems.

Wolfe and Valerian discuss the Federation slaves rescued from Arkusia, who have been chipped with Arkusian behavior-control technology and rigged to be explosive as a booby-trap for the Odyssey crew.

O'Callaghan and Lucindak take a shuttle to Dallineb to touch base with the locals; however, the trip is interrupted as the shuttle has to put down to avoid a hurricane-force storm on the planet's surface, and O'Callaghan -- who has been recovering from a knife wound suffered on Arkusia -- begins abruptly losing his eyesight.