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Simulation: Star Trek: Andromeda
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EPISODE 172: "Under Their Noses" (21 February 2012)

Sullivan, Pilot, and Tyvo -- overlooked by the Askeri crew interested in interrogating the rest of the Odyssey team for information on the conduit to help their expansionist plans -- break their crewmates out of prison by faking an evacuation-level shipboard emergency on the Askeri cruiser. As the Castor escapes the cruiser amid the chaos of a group of Askeri escape pods, they are hailed by a new signal altogether, which offers them shelter from the Askeri and offers coordinates at which they will be safe.

Amid this activity, Lucindak informs Valerian, Sandiago, and Wolfe of another piece of troubling intelligence gleaned from their Askeri captors -- they and the Prandians were on guard against a different visitor altogether, and there have been rumors of Kelvan squidships at the Triumvirate border.