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Simulation: Star Trek: Andromeda
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EPISODE 169: "Entry Point" (31 January 2012)

The Odyssey's senior staff travel through the conduit for the first test run on the runabout Castor. They emerge successfully (though with some knocking about and damage to warp and shields) in an unexplored quadrant of Andromeda. Before they can get their bearings, they are pounced upon by four warships hailing from something called the Prandian Republic and the Triumvirate, led by an excitable, scared young man who seems to believe they are a returning force of the Kelvan.

One of the warships puts the runabout into a tractor beam and they are dragged off through warp. Hayes and O'Callaghan determine how to break free, but not before they have dropped back out of warp in an alien system.