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Simulation: Star Trek: Andromeda
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EPISODE 159: "The Vortex" (1 November 2011)

The Odyssey travels to the spatial anomaly at the site of the Kelvan Gate Battle where they hope to retrieve the wreckage of the Odyssey-B for use in repairing their slipstream drive. The system's turbulent star, however, is in the process of a major flare cycle which will flood the area with dangerous radiation.

Wolfe orders the ship to put in at a heavily armored station operating at the edge of the anomaly for the purpose of shelter from such cycles. It appears abandoned, but the crew has no sooner abandoned the Odyssey and been sealed inside the station against the flares than Pilot and his security team discover that a control room in the center of the station is manned entirely by corpses -- unmarked with no sign of trauma, but with faces twisted in frozen terror.