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EPISODE 158: "Miles to Go Before I Sleep" (25 October 2011)

The team dispatched to the Keep makes contact with two Kalatians who have been sent to investigate the station since the Federation force has evidently abandoned it to return to their own galaxy. The meeting, despite past history, is generally friendly and the Kalatians agree that the Odyssey crew can also investigate, particularly if they can get the station's systems running. The Kalatians, not being Progenitor "reclaimers," have had no luck with the station's Progenitor equipment.

Meanwhile, shipboard, Wolfe shuts herself in her office while O'Callaghan, Sullivan, and Swift discuss options. It is decided that they will investigate the wreckage left behind at the Kelvan Gate Battle, in the hope that the remains of the Odyssey-B will provide the Federation parts, unavailable anywhere else, required to repair the slipstream.