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EPISODE 156: "Planetfall" (11 October 2011)

The Odyssey reaches Detri IV as its waystation on the way to the Keep, but the expected Federation contingent isn't there. All the Odyssey finds is the remnants of the USS Kitfox (destroyed by the Conglomerate six weeks earlier to obtain the transponder which lured the Odyssey to Vankilo). A crew is dispatched to retrieve the one survivor of the Kitfox, who has been living on the surface of Detri for a month and a half.

Meanwhile, the Odyssey parks in orbit to take leave on Detri while the crew finishes checking the ship over. Night discovers a file locked by Kelvan encryption, deposited in the system which seems to have no malicious intent but is simply an encoded list of coordinates, many of them outside the quadrant of Andromeda which the Odyssey has explored thus far.