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Simulation: Star Trek: Andromeda
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EPISODE 155: "Back from the Dead" (27 September 2011)

The Odyssey crew stages a takeover of their ship to recover it from their Conglomerate captors. Sullivan and Pilot retake deflector control while Night gains control of the computer systems and locks down most of the other critical locations.

Wolfe, Sandiago, Valerian, and Lucindak reach the bridge and take out the Conglomerate chameloids there. They also discover a man in a ripped Starfleet uniform sitting in the captain's chair, who reveals himself to be ex-Admiral Artemis Cain, a rogue Section 31 agent reported dead over six months earlier. Before the crew can apprehend him, however, he disappears from the ship.

Meanwhile, O'Callaghan discovers that the "conduit" structure which the Odyssey apparently passed through has brought them in the direction of the Keep -- by about seven and a half months, into familiar territory. Wolfe orders their crew retrieved from the Conglomerate cargo ships; the Odyssey then puts a torpedo into everything within range and sets course for the nearest familiar planet, Detri IV.