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Simulation: Star Trek: Andromeda
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EPISODE 153: "Rise" (13 September 2011)

The Odyssey crew is finally retrieved from the Vankilo mines. The guards there give no explanation for the Federation crew's being rounded up, but they find themselves transported in small groups to holding areas on what are evidently ships, suggesting that they have finally been picked up by the Conglomerate, who ordered their initial capture.

Wolfe, Sandiago, Valerian, and Lucindak stage a mock-fight to draw the attention of the guards and get the drop on them, while O'Callaghan and Night hotwire the door of their cell, allowing Sullivan and Pilot to take their guards prisoner.

Just as all this finishes, the groups suddenly suffer a strange bending and streching sensation that snaps back into normalcy without any apparent residual effects.