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Simulation: Star Trek: Andromeda
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EPISODE 150: "The Trojan Horse" (23 August 2011)

The Odyssey picks up a transponder code in orbit of a nearby moon, which seems to be originating from the USS Kitfox, a ship from the Federation contingent which, as far as anyone knows, should be a quadrant away and far out of contact. Wolfe orders an intercept course set, but too late, the crew realizes the signal is a trap -- there is no ship there, only a transmitter.

As the ship reaches close range of the moon, they are seized by a field generated from the surface, the same as that encountered at Ninurta; at the same time, a comm message informs them that they are in the custody of the Vankilo mining consortium and instructs them to stand down.

The crew initially reacts with contempt, but is forced to shut down its propulsion and shields in order to prevent the systems from shorting out in the field. Upon shutdown, the ship is immediately flooded with tear gas and then an extensive boarding party, both beamed from the moon's surface. Faced with a mostly incapacitated crew and threats of further injury to them, Wolfe surrenders the ship.