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EPISODE 149: "Interference Pattern: Part III" (16 August 2011)

Further discussions with the Ninurtan locals reveal that not only are they dependent on Conglomerate trade and the drug "mist" (thinking it a cure for a planet-wide plague) but that they are expecting an incoming Conglomerate fleet with a shipment at any moment. With things thus on a rushed schedule, Antil, Night, and Sullivan disable the systems of the generator holding the ship in the system.

Meanwhile, Medical provides a cure for mist addiction updated for Ninurtan physiology, and Security receives some disturbing warnings from the Conglomerate prisoners regarding their opinion of Federation activity in the quadrant. Wolfe, worried about the impending arrival of enemy ships, orders information on the interference field and the mist sent to Hariket so they, with their greater resources, can offer assistance while the Odyssey continues on its way.