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Simulation: Star Trek: Andromeda
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EPISODE 148: "Interference Pattern: Part II" (9 August 2011)

A team is sent to the surface of the Ninurtan planet which seems to be the source of the interference field holding them in the system and interfering with comms and sensors. Upon arriving they are met (and greeted with gunfire) by a quartet of humanoids of various non-native species guarding a large generator facility.

Security subdues the attackers by stun and Antil, Night, Sullivan, and Swift enter the facility in the hopes of shutting it down or providing a more forcible demolition. The remainder of the team secures the unconscious prisoners as two Ninurtan locals approach. The locals are pale and thin and seem perplexed by the Odyssey team's arrival and by their not being from the Conglomerate, and one seems slightly disappointed insofar as this means they "do not have the mist."