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Simulation: Star Trek: Andromeda
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EPISODE 144: "Detonation" (21 June 2011)

The Odyssey crew initiates the detonation of the Kelvan weapons platform; the resulting explosion reacts unexpectedly with the surrounding anomalies and the shockwave which strikes the Odyssey is amplified, sending it tumbling through the Kenris anomalies and back to the edge of the Expanse.

There, the crew is met by three ships belonging to the defense force of the planet Hariket and its orbiting science station, who demand to know what the Odyssey has done to cause the upheaval in the Expanse. The ship is escorted to the science station, where the crew is granted tentative leave to the station and planet while Wolfe explains the situation.

This sim ends season 6 of Star Trek: Andromeda. We will resume after a two-week break for our next sim on Tuesday, July 12th.