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Simulation: Star Trek: Andromeda
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EPISODE 142: "The Platform" (7 June 2011)

While Sandiago and Khellian hold off further waves of Venator hunters, Antil, O'Callaghan, Night, and Swift investigate the systems on the Kelvan weapons platform; they are able to download a great deal of technical information, as well as historical data on the Kelvan Empire and sporadic reference to an abandoned construction called a "conduit", some kind of interstellar/galactic transport device initially intended to be used as part of the Kelvan invasion of the Milky Way. The team is, however, not able to hack the system well enough to move or take control of the platform itself, so Antil and Wolfe decide to take steps to disable it explosively to prevent it from falling into potentially enemy hands.

Shipboard, Wolfe and Valerian discuss the autopsy of the Venator bodies brought back from the first trip to the station; scans have revealed that they are actually genetically enhanced members of the Draynar race called the Seraphal and that their knives are tipped with Arkusian neurotoxin.