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EPISODE 140: "Expansive Inquiry" (24 May 2011)

The Odyssey locates the Kelvan weapons platform for which they have been searching, nestled amid the anomalies of the Kenris Expanse at the coordinates found in the Dystros database. As the ship comes to all-stop near the platform, transporter beams poke through the shields and take approximately three percent of the crew, transporting them to the platform. There they are attacked by mysterious canine creatures and their commbadges removed before being released into the corridor, where they encounter Daeron'Qinn, one of the Almetians who traveled with his wife aboard the Odyssey and whose Federation-loaned shuttle was found empty amid the anomalies several days before.

Daeron confirms that the canine creatures are the Venators which the crew has heard mention of, and that they have been taken as prey to be chased; their release into the corridor is a mere head start given to make the chase more interesting. He then takes them into the platform's ductwork to meet up with his wife in a semi-safe location while they get their bearings to look for a communications array or another way to contact the Odyssey.

Meanwhile, shipboard, the bridge crew attempt to locate the missing crew and eventually locks onto their commbadges, only to find when they are beamed back that the badges have been attached to dead, mutilated bodies not belonging to Odyssey crew. Plans are made to send a rescue team by shuttle.