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Simulation: Star Trek: Andromeda
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EPISODE 131: "Desert" (22 March 2011)

The Odyssey has suffered serious failures to its fuel intake and propulsion systems; repairs are stymied by explosions in the nacelles and a resulting slow leak in the fuel reserves. A decision is made to strike out for Mahasin Starport, a local trade hub (over two months away at impulse) which will provide a more stable repair location. The ship goes near-dark to conserve power and prepares to travel out of the system.

A team sent to the surface of Ahriman IV encounters a race calling itself the Ahrimanir, which manifests itself as vaguely humanoid forms constructed out of the dirt of the planet. Though they offer no real technological help (besides an offer of shelter should the need arise), they mention that the Odyssey should use some mechanism (evidently Kelvan) called a "conduit" to travel since their ship is damaged, though they know of it only by hearsay.