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Simulation: Star Trek: Andromeda
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EPISODE 127: "Scrap: Part II" (22 February 2011)

The Odyssey's investigation of the abandoned scrapyard becomes very nearly fatal the facility's AI resumes normal operations. Sullivan, McIntyre, and Swift aboard one of the empty ships are nearly caught in the compactor mechanism and Swift is injured by a falling bulkhead; Cameron, Antil, and Sehr in another ship also being towed in are able to spacewalk between the two ships and eventually cut the trapped team free in time for everyone to be beamed out.

Meanwhile Sandiago and O'Callaghan aboard one of the scrapyard towers attempt to reason with the AI program and Eastwood attempts to shut it down from the outside, resulting in the AI suspecting an attack and attempting to lock the facility down entirely; a few well-placed torpedo and tachyon bursts incapacitate the shields long enough to beam the team free, at which point the facility shuts down.