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Simulation: Star Trek: Andromeda
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EPISODE 121: "The Enemy of My Enemy" (4 January 2011)

The Odyssey departs Almetia en route to the homeworld of the Xollocoi, a race of historians who, it is suggested, will be able to help with the search for a Kelvan weapons platform. En route, the Odyssey receives a distress call from an Endari ship which is under attack by a mysterious black cruiser. The cruiser dispatches the Endari ship's shields and steals its cargo, a shipment of Endari weaponry, then disappears after firing a set of warning shots at the Odyssey.

The Endari ship's captain insists that the Odyssey carry him and his wounded crew in pursuit of the cruiser; the Odyssey does so, but finds that the cruiser is not a sole pirate ship but has gone to rendezvous with five other similar ships. When asked what sort of enemy they are dealing with, the Endari captain explains that these ships belong to collector agents of the Conglomerate.