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Simulation: Star Trek: Andromeda
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EPISODE 104: "Our Good Name" (10 August 2010)

T'Ren and Stenton accompany the Zaika princess to reunite with her people on Taigran station; Lukan accepts their innocence in the affair and inquires as to who was responsible for her kidnapping if not the Federation. Hearing of the mostly chip-controlled crew of the Pallas, he identifies the race responsible -- Arkusian slavers, the primary buyers and sellers of slave labor in the Verge. Eastwood nails down a potential home base planet for this race and the Odyssey prepares to depart and investigate.

Valerian and Kavur discuss possible methods for removing the control chips from the Pallas crew, and Engineering and Science continue learning about the alien technology dumped in their lap via the upgraded Stormchaser.