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Simulation: Star Trek: Andromeda
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EPISODE 83: "Keep-ing It Real" (2 March 2010)

The Odyssey travels to the Keep to begin making preparations for combatting the rogue Progenitor Hyperion and his plot (in cahoots with Starfleet's Admiral Cain) to bring back the Kelvan and take over Andromeda. Andrews, Wolfe, Lucindak, and Kingsley meet with representatives from the FSA and Endari Empire and convince them to form a joint force, led by Ratec'Midic, to help Starfleet against the threat. Eastwood, Valerian, Dresari, and Sandiago, travel to the Library area on the Keep to obtain the support of the Progenitor AIs residing there. Stewart, Cameron, and Swift, with a visit from Graffas, work on reverse-engineering a sonar pulse, dubbed "Progendar" by Cameron, to help the Odyssey determine the location of Hyperion's stronghold.