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Simulation: Star Trek: Andromeda
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EPISODE 78: "Going Viral: Part III" (26 January 2010)

The Odyssey continues investigating the viral plague on Zerin. Wolfe, Dresari, Sandiago, Graffas, and Cameron travel to the site of a crashed alien spaceship and find traces of the virus in its cargo hold -- along with a holographic message from someone who claims to be called the "Shadow Buyer" and to have Conglomerate connections. The crashed hulk then explodes, injuring the team. Dresari sustains critical lung damage and his environmental suit is ruptured but Medical, in treating him, discovers that his body contains a natural immunity to the Zerin plague and is fighting the disease; as a result, a cure may be found.

Meanwhile, the crew still on the Odyssey track a probe released by the alien ship, at speeds higher than Federation tech can attain, just before it exploded; they send a Fox- class destroyer after it while the planetside crew finish up their work and treatment.