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The log of the trivia and ceremony are in this file. Additionally, winners are below for each category:

Most Improved Simmer (Serious)
Warhawk225 from Stargate Libertas

Most Quotable Host (Funny)
FSF Nefarious

Best Long-Term Plot Arc (Serious)
USS Independence

Strangest Character Quirk
Demlas Vrees on Paragon

Best Character Flirt
Arwen Greenleaf of the Endevour

Craziest Forums Poster
Jose Juarez

Best Shore Leave Sim
USS Stargazer/Stargazer Afterdark: FSF Truce and FSF Starla

Best One Liners
Mcpt Jose Juarez on Coven of the Moon

Best Serious JP or Log
Lt. Tryn and Captain Julia Quintus of Infinite Diversity

Best Plot In A Sim
USS Providence for "Never Enough Time"

Best Hosting Pair
FSF Kaelia & FSF Hawke from Starbase Genesis

Best Game Website (Serious)
Starbase Genesis. http://sims.sb254.com/genesis/

Best Wardobe Malfunction (Funny)
Lt Ciaran Alasdair MacArdry from the USS Aquarius (Infinite Diversity)

Crew Most Likely to Mutiny
USS Exeter

Most Accident Prone Character (Silly)
Robert Shadow Fox from the USS Independence

Most Comedic Sub Plot (Serious)
SGC SG3 with the plot "Infactuation"

Most Clueless First Officer
FSF Esrom from the USS Independence

Simulation of the Year
Firefly: Objects in Space