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Welcome to the Commanderís Table. This is a place for a FSF Hosts to tell their stories. The Commanderís Table spans all time and space and you never know where you may find it or who may be there. The bartender, Cap, makes sure that only Commanders enter and, somehow, always knows exactly what you want to drink before you even realize it yourself. The bar appears differently to people, drawing from whom and what they are to make a place that is most comfortable to them.

To Klingons it would be just like a place found deep in the cities of the homeworld with weapons abounding on the walls. To the Irishman, it would be an old fashioned Irish bar. Each person sees and experiences exactly what they need to allow them to tell their tales.

There is no monetary exchange here. All drinks, no matter how many you have, are all paid for in the form of a story. It doesnít, necessarily, have to be a story of Command, just a story that means something and, hopefully, all can learn from it.

This issueís storyteller is FSF Sarge of Deep Space 9.