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January 2003 Stats

0 Complaints Filed
8 Accounts Deleted (player resigned from group)
43 Accounts Removed (due to inactivity)
5 awards given to players
3 medals given to characters
101 characters assigned (including transfers)
40 characters created (not counting an application's initial character)
30 characters deleted (includes account deletions, which were 8)
49 characters removed (during system cleanup of inactive members)
2 academy graduations (graduations are for players specifically assigned as cadets)
7 characters promoted (not counting academy graduations)
30 characters removed from sims by hosts
23 characters removed from sims by their player (includes transfers, which was 12)
11 characters transferred from one sim to another
8 players changed their email address
34 characters could not be (re)assigned immediately
3 people applied to be a host
6 messages sent to mailing list
66 applications sent in to group (creating an equal number of characters)
9 people joined the mailing list
1 person left the mailing list
31 updates to sim open positions (made by 18 different sims)
2 independent sims applied to join
48 people on the hosting staff
27 active advanced simulations
1 academy level simulation
1949 new posts on the message boards (http://forums.sb254.com)
513 members currently in the system
706 characters registered to those players