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The Shuni Awards in 2003 were a complete success! Below are the nominations and winners.

Giant Golden Lemming
USS Infinity, USS Stargazer, USS Endevour, & USS Draco
Winner: Infinity

Best Performance by a Guest Simmer
FSF Kestra, FSF JFerguson, Ensign Smith
Winner: FSF JFerguson

Sim Most Dreaded By Players
Starbase Capricorn, USS Stennis, Coeus, SB Invasion, and USS Intrada
Winner: Starbase Capricorn

Most Obnoxious Signature
FSF JFerguson, FSF Truce, FSF Scorpion, AdmCalhoun
Winner: FSF JFerguson

Best Overall Plotline
USS Stargzer: Future's Peril plot, USS Akira: Stuck In Drydock with No Plot, USS Noralus: Operation Admiral Ethan Ashton Retrieval
Winner: USS Stargazer

Most Host Turnaround
USS Coeus, USS Stennis, USS Intrada
Winner: USS Coeus

Best Game Banner
The Called, USS Endevour, Epsilon Fleet & USS Magistrate
Winner: The Called

Most Interesting Plot
USS Crusader, USS Noralus, USS Stargazer and The Called
Winner: USS Noralus

Rookie of the Year
Josh Hrach and Shawn Archer
Winner: Josh abbey_road

Most Realistic Character
Lt. JG Joan Reed, Dr. Skone, and Dr. Jon Sader
Winner: Lt. JG Joan Reed, CSCI, USS Endevour

Most Clueless First Officer
Commander Brett Erickson of the USS Outrider, Commander Ian Carrera, XO, USS Endevour, FSF Kariena Commander Kalliea Andrews XO USS Infinity, Admiral Calhoun XO FSF
Winner: Admiral William Calhoun, XO FSF

Best Supporting Starship
USS Titan... USS Legacy... USS John C. Stennis and USS Intrada
Winner: USS Titan

Hottest Doctor
Dr. Jon Sader (CMO USS Titan), Doctor Leilani Arizhel (CMO, USS Intrada), Dr Anna-Sofia Bond, CMO of the Noralus, Dr Annalisa Mcknight, CMO U.S.S. Stargazer
Winner: Dr Anna-Sofia Bond, CMO of the Noralus

Most Trigger Happy
Lieutenant Meave Lena Jerica of the USS Noralus, Sara Richardson, Chief Tactical officer of the USS Outrider, Lt. Torres of the Akira.
Winner: Lena Jerica of the USS Noralus