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Name:Joseph Jordan
Email:Click here to email FSF Ignatius
Blog(s): Novels with Ignatius Novels with Ignatius
Cooking With Ignatius Cooking With Ignatius
Hire Date:2013-11-09
AOL/AIM SN:fsf,ignatius
ICQ #:none
Yahoo ID:none
Twitter ID:Unknown.
MSN Messenger:none
About Myself:I graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy with a BA in Religious Studies. I'm currently working on my MA in English with a concentration on Creative Writing from Wayne State University.
Biography:I was born in Birmingham, Alabama but I grew up in Flint, Michigan. When I was sixteen, I moved back to Alabama for a few years. I served a year in the US Army, then returned home with an honorable discharge. From there I've enter college and I am looking for my next steps in life.
Hobbies:Reading, writing, simming, philosophizing, trying to figure out what exactly beauty is, and I LOVE Fleetwood Mac.
Comments:Thank you for visiting my profile! You are awesome and you should so join the FSF! Look forward to simming with you!
Simulations:USS Stargazer (SFOL) - Space Fleet - IRC - Monday 21:00:00 EST