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Hire Date:2012-01-26
Yahoo ID:Meushell@ymail.com
Twitter ID:Unknown.
MSN Messenger:Meushell@ymail.com
About Myself:Roleplay Information

Favorite Roleplay Genres:
- Star Trek, Medieval Fantasy, Stargate

Roleplay Experience:
- Chat - 1998 to 2010
- IM - 1999 to 2003
- Forum - 2004 to Present

How did you get into roleplay?
- Found Trekkies online who enjoyed it, which soon lead to joining Star Trek: Avenger. Played there for twelve years.

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Biography:Husband and I married on our twelfth year anniversary as a couple. We've recently had our first child.

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Hobbies:- Roleplay
- Writing Stargate (Tok'ra to be specific) Fan Fiction
- Reading Fan Fiction
- Chrono Trigger, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Harvest Moon, Chaos Rings
- Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Frasier, Spartacus (BaS, GotA, V, and WotD)
- Watching SFDebris Reviews

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Comments:Hello everyone.
Simulations:Stargate Command - Delta Fleet - MB