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Email:Click here to email FSF Margo
Blog(s): Skittles!!!!!!! Skittles!!!!!!!
Hire Date:2010-03-24
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About Myself:I am Margo, formerly retired, but now I am back!
Biography:I started simming back in 1999 in SFOL back when it was on AOL. In 2004 I became a host in SFOL and in 2005, I joined FSF when SFOL merged. I have simmed on numerous different games, but my longest stint has been on the SFOL USS Stargazer, where I have gamed from 2001 until 2008, then rejoined after coming out of retirement in 2009.

Currently, you can find me on the SFOL USS Stargazer( Tues @ 11pm EDT), Andromeda (Tues @ 9:30pm EDT) , and Stargate 10(Thurs @ 9:30pm EDT) and Star Trek: Project Origin, a Message Board Game in Space Fleet.
Hobbies:My hobbies are Simming! Otherwise I am an avid hiker and camper when the weather is nice. I also host a once a week simming/music podcast that you can find links to on the message boards and I DJ FSF Radio on Mondays and Friday nights, starting at 9pm EST. Check out my facebook (FSF Margo) and twitter (@FSFMargo) for links each week, or join me in IRC #FSF.
Comments:Feel free to IM me whenever I am on! I love to talk to players and other hosts!

(My account is no longer locked down at this time, as the spammers seemed to have moved on for the time being.)
Simulations:Specter Defense Services - No Fleet Assignment - MB