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Host Information for FSF Blackjack

Name:Rosalind Wills
Email:Click here to email FSF Blackjack
Blog(s): Hit Me and Double Down Hit Me and Double Down
Hire Date:2008-10-06
AOL/AIM SN:fsfblackjack
ICQ #:Unknown.
Yahoo ID:Unknown.
Twitter ID:Unknown.
MSN Messenger:fsfblackjack@hotmail.com
About Myself:I'm a college student in Maryland with a slight tendency to be completely insane. I'm an English major, webmaster, writer, composer, general geek and loving it.
Hobbies:Simming, coding HTML, writing, composing/playing music, chatting, chilling, eating, not sleeping, being way too busy.
Comments:I'm almost always online, so if you've got a question, give me a kick. :-D