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Name:FSF Josh
Email:Click here to email FSF Josh
Blog(s): Captain Josh's Logs Captain Josh's Logs
FSF's Community Center FSF's Community Center
Hire Date:2003-06-29
ICQ #:Unknown.
Yahoo ID:fsfjosh
Twitter ID:Unknown.
MSN MessengerUnknown.
About Myself:I'm a techie with an interesting in science fiction. I enjoy programming, guitar playing, and being a tech/geek.
Biography:Joined FSF: August 2002.
Became Host: Summer 2003.
Hobbies:Simming, programming, gaming
Comments:I am currently the FSF's Communication Director. ity events, feel free to contact me.

Previously, I was the Delta Fleet CO for several years. I also was host to the USS Alceste and USS Noralus sims.

I recently retired the USS Providence, my original sim that ran for a full decade. The adventures will continue in novel form. More information to come later.

I've been in FSF for over ten years. If you have any questions about the FSF, feel free to ask.