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Email:Click here to email FSF Duke
Blog(s): FSFDuke's Blog FSFDuke's Blog
Hire Date:2000-07-08
ICQ #:Unknown.
Yahoo ID:LtDawgjr
Twitter ID:Unknown.
MSN Messenger:never used this
About Myself:Began simming on AOL in SF academy room and the bridge before simming really became organized. Joined Gamma Quadrant Simulations (GQS) group as HELM on the USSAnerion and soon made XO on the USS-Akira. 2nd in command United Planetary Federation group (UPIF) and 1st Officer aboard USS Stargazer - both groups merged into the FSF. So along with those roles I assumed the role of CSEC on the USS Intrada. Was recogized as a good commanding officer and became XO of the North Carolina. That ship went on hiatus so USS Montana was created under my command, when the CO of the USS Akira went on ELOA I became its Captain. Went on ELOA and gave up command of the USS-Akira. Next moved into the Stargate message board simming world as XO Stargate Command with the character Lt Manuel Jenkins of the SG-3 team. After the departure of FSFCuce, became commanding officer of Stargate command and created the character Major General Hank Landry
Biography:single and looking - DeVry graduate and semi retired Sr. Programmer Analyst(mainframe)
Hobbies:sports if there is not too much running, sci fi and fishing ( catch and release or eat on the spot - just give me a gutting knife, a steel hub cap and some butter - woo hoo fish for dinner )
Comments:The FSF group is the best in organized online simming and I am not saying that because I am a member of the hosting staff. I say that because it is what it is!!!!
Simulations:Stargate Command - Delta Fleet - MB