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Guides & Information

Resources to learn how to sim, improve your simming or sim your best.

General Resources

  • Group Information - The FSF Charter, Host Code of Conduct, and FSF History are available for you to view.

  • Membership Guide - Learn FSF rules, positions, starship systems, uniforms, and technology.

Simming Resources

  • Gaming Standards - How do hosts and players interact? What kind of posts are necessary and appropriate? What are the rules to chatting? Are there standards?

  • New Member Guides - If you're new to the FSF or new to simming, these guides provide entry level answers to all of your questions.

  • Science Information - Full of the details behind Star Trek science, from warp speed to xenobiology, we have it all.

  • Simming Guides - Need to learn some more information about your position or weapons? More information within!

  • Species Information - In-depth information on species in the Star Trek universe.

  • Starfleet Guides - The regulations behind the Star Trek world (useful if you like to keep that military feel to your simming) .

  • Stargate Information - All kinds of information for the Stargate enthusiast!