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Simulation FAQ

  • Why are your sims different in style, being canon, seriousness, and such [from each other]?
      Right now, there are a variety of sims available in the FSF. We tend to believe the hosts are going to run the sim the way they want to. If players are displeased with the way a particular sim is managed, there are alternatives. Surely there is a sim out there to suit just about everyone.

  • You have a lot of sims listed here. Are all of these sims active and simming?
      The answer is yes. We do not list sims on our webpage that are not active. As soon as they go inactive, we do remove them from view on this page. If you want to join a sim, you can rest assured that the sims on our sim listing are all active.

  • I run my own ship. Can I apply for sim membership?
      Yes. Simulations looking to join must be independent simulations (leave your current group) during the time the issue would be voted on by Fleet Command. Simulations must have at least 8 active and stable players, be simming for at least six continuous months, and be willing to conform to the FSF Charter and Host Code of Conduct. But understand, our Fleet Command votes on all sim admissions. So even if you qualify, you may not get in. To start this process, please click here.

  • Some sims don't list the cohost position. Why?
      All non-Star Trek sims only have one host since they only need one host. They are called GMs. If a Trek sim only has one host, this is because the second host has not been chosen yet.

  • If a sim changes hosts, what happens to the plot, roster, and rules and regulations?
      The sim may change according to the news hosts' techniques, preferences and style. Right now, there are a variety of sims run in a variety of ways. If we happen to find ourselves on one where we don't care for the way the host runs things, it's best we pack it in and move on until we find one where we feel more comfortable....cause a host isn't likely to surrender control of the sim no matter how his/her predecessor ran things.

  • There are some host positions listed as open. Can I be the CO/XO?
      All inquiring players that would like to become a CO or XO on the sim must go through our interview process. All open host positions have a link to our host application. Once you fill it out, and if we like your application, we will contact you and let you know the next step. Not all applicants are emailed. The goal in the FSF is to maintain an active quality environment of games and sims. We do this by replacing inactive hosts, hiring hosts for open positions, and other such things. Hosts in the FSF are not just simmers, they have responsibilities and duty lists that go beyond the sim.

  • How do promotions work?
      All promotions are up to the hosts of the simulation. They may decide on your rank based on experience or simply need.

  • Can I pick any sim I want?
      You can choose any of our sims and although some may not have any positions available at the time, you would still have a very wide variety to pick from.

  • Can I join more than one FSF sim?
      Yes, but you need to be in the FSF already. You can choose up to three sims to serve on. We are able to do this without the fears of 'sim inbreeding' since we have a very large selection of chat sims. Chat sims can have upwards to 25 members on them. Once established, players can create a new character to be added to an additional sim.

  • What are the benefits of joining FSF as opposed to other role playing groups?
      The FSF prides itself on being superbly organized for a group of its size and has many resources devoted to simming and making the games/sims more enjoyable for the players. Moreover, we are very non-political and give 100% creative control over sims to the players and hosts of said sims. Players are free to come and go as they please, are not hassled to help recruit for the group, and are not treated any differently based on the time spent as a member. Everyone is equal, treated equally, and listened to equally.

  • I joined, but I was assigned the rank of Ensign! What if I have prior experience?
      Most everyone is assigned as a cadet to the FSF Academy. Some players graduate immediately due to their experience. Once on a sim, player rank can be adjusted by the sim host(s) as they see fit. You could even play an Admiral in Starfleet. It all depends on the hosts' preference and direction in the sim. FSF wants all characters to start out at the same rank (fairness to all players) but we do not restrict hosts from promoting characters that deserve a promotion.

  • Are there any facilities available to aide me in my choice of sim?
      Yes. There are a number of ways to help you decide on a sim. All games have a webpage to give you in depth information on the sim. Talking to existing members could help you to make a decision.

  • I'm lost. Who can I contact?
      Please either email FSFLowell@Aol.com or Instant Message "FSF Lowell" and he will assist you in the applications process. He is in charge of new player relations and handles all incoming applications.

  • I applied earlier this week, why haven't I been emailed?
      Applications are done at least twice a week, but more likely every day. If you are not assigned within a week, then please notify Jonathan Shuni and the problem will be corrected.