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Duty Listing

Starfleet Bridge Officer's Manual

This document is a guide for the Starfleet Officer to correctly perform the duties required aboard ship and planetside.

Bridge Positions:

Commanding Officer (CO)
Executive Officer (XO)
Operations Officer (OPS)
Science Officer (SCI#)
Chief Engineering Officer (CENG)
Engineering Officer (ENG#)
Tactical/Chief Security Officer (TAC/CSEC)
Security Officer (SEC#)
Helm Control (HELM)
Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
Assitant Medical Officer (AMO)
Ships Counselor (CNS)


The starship Captain commands the starship. There is only one Captain per ship. She/He makes the decisions. Captains are responsible for the actions of his/her ship and crew. NOTHING the starship does should be without the captain's orders or approval. A Captain must always insure that these actions do not violate the PRIME DIRECTIVE.

Using the ship's bridge officers to gather data and perform functions, s/he must maintain control of the ship, and promote team work, guiding his/her crew to the successful completion of the mission.


The EXECUTIVE OFFICER (XO) is second in command of a starship. There is only one XO per ship and She/He commands in the absence of the Captain. The XO is the number one officer to the ship, and his/her duties are to make suggestions, and to assist in controlling the ship and crew. A Captain should be able to depend on his XO. The Executive Officer can double jobs as another bridge position.


There is one OPERATIONS OFFICER (OPS) per ship. His/Her duties include maintaining and operating the ship's computer / sensor / navigational systems, scaning for space anomalies & navigational hazards, charting unexplored space, and remote operation of various ship's systems from the bridge. The OPS officer has been educated very heavily in the Sciences and therefore very knowledgeable about space, time, life, the universe, and everything. She/He is the chief science officer on ships without one specifically.


The CHIEF & ASSISTANT SCIENCE OFFICERS (CSCI/SCI#) is a ship's scientist, She/He has been highly educated in one or more of the many sciences and works closely with the OPS officer. The SCI collects scientific data for study, makes logical conclusions and theories based on that study, and fills in for the OPS officer from time to time. Science Officers often accompany Away Teams, and always carry tricorders where ever they go, scanning everything. A Chief Science Officer position can be assigned to any ship and has been for coordinating ships with scientific missions.


The CHIEF ENGINEERING OFFICER (CENG) is head of Engineering and oversees repair and maintenance done on the propulsion/energy and other starship systems. She/He is in charge of routing and rerouting energy throughout the ship to various systems and reporting damage to engineering systems. There is only one CENG per ship, She/He is a jack of all trades when it comes to technology, and can fix anything... given time.


ENGINEERING OFFICERs (ENG#) are highly trained engineers that assist the CENG in the repair and maintenance of the starship. In the absence of the CENG, an ENG# will head up the Engineering Department.


There is only one TACTICAL / CHIEF SECURITY OFFICER (TAC/CSEC) per ship. The TAC/CSEC is the head of Ship's Weapons Department, Armory, Brig, and Security. She/He is in charge of all aspects of ship's security; maintenance and operation of ship's weapons, protection of crew and Star Fleet equipment, and the detection of all unauthorized communications. The TAC/CSEC handles all incoming and outgoing hails, locks on and fires all ships weapons, scans all vessels with in range, reports damage to own ship and other vessels, repels or captures intruders, detains and interrogates possible adversaries, keeps track of all security teams, boards and captures enemy vessels, in charge of all away team security, raises and maintains ship's deflector / shield, as warranted by order of the Commanding Officer.


SECURITY OFFICERs (SEC) assist the TAC/CSEC in providing ample security to the ship, crew, and mission. She/He will fill in for the TAC/CSEC from time to time. SEC's often accompany Away Teams, most often carry a phasers and tricorder, are very alert and scanning everything while ready to shoot as warranted by order of the Commanding Officer.


The HELM CONTROL (HELM) officers steer the ship in accordance with orders from the Captain. She/He sets course for the ordered destination and engages Warp (1 through 9.978), Impulse (1/4,1/2,3/4,FULL) or Thruster speed at the Commanding Officer's descression. HELMs are highly trained pilots, who can fly many craft with expert precision.


The CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER (CMO) is a medical doctor that heads up the ships Medical Department. The CMO helps the sick and wounded, pronounces biological lifeforms dead, studies biological lifeforms, diagnoses, and comes up with cures for new diseases, etc... There is only one CMO. She/He is an expert and has many degrees in the field of medicine.


The ASSISTANT MEDICAL OFFICER (MO) assists the CMO with the esponsibilities of the ship's Medical Department. AMO's are also medical doctors and fill in for the CMO from time to time. She/He will often accompany Away Teams and carry medical kits and tricorders ready to mend any possible injury.


SHIP'S COUNSELOR (CNS) is responsible for the emotional well-being of the ship's crew. A councelor's duties include providing individual guidance and advice to crew members, as well as periodic crew performance evaluations, usually performed with the ship's executive officer or other department heads. A counselor is also expected to mediate communications in difficult first contact situations, and provide advice to the Commanding Officer. Telepathic counselors will report any information (learned by telepathic means) relevant to the ship's mission to the Commanding Officer.