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Email Simming FAQ

  • What is an e-mail sim?

    An E-Mail simulation is a type of simming that is played using a mailing processor (usually referred as Mailing List), posts are sent to the mailing list and once a post is received in the mailing list, the post is being forwarded to the Mailing List member list.

    The member list is usually the emails of all the players in a simulation. This type of simming requires an Active E-Mail account, preferably one where you can easily categories mails that are sent to you, and extremely recommended to have a mailbox that has a lot of free space (at least 5 MB at all time).

    Email simulations are considered more detailed, as in an Email simulation, you write a post that contains a lot of descriptions and actions you do with your character, in contrast to a Chat simulation, where you usually write short sentences and the game passes very quickly.

    In an E-Mail simulation the patience factor is very important as not everyone posts each day and you sometimes have to wait a number of days before receiving a response to something you wrote.

  • How can one possibly send e-mails to so many people without forgetting one?

    All e-mail simulations have a mailing-list, a mailing-list is a feature that allows to group a number of emails under one static e-mail address, meaning when you email that address, all the members of the sim gets the e-mail you sent, as well as you get all the posts from that e-mail address.

    The hosts of the sim are the ones who moderate this list.

  • How do I play in an e-mail or message board sim?

    In order to participate in an E-Mail or Message Board simulation you need to be signed either to the Sim Mailing List, or to the Forum that all the posts of an MB (Message Board) sim being posted at.

    Once you are signed on to that, you can send or post your posts to the list/forum and receive replies by others.

  • I joined an E-mail or Message board sim. Now what do I do?

    Different simulations has different rules and ways of action, the best thing to do first is talk to one of the simulation's hosts, they are the ones who will assign you to your position and will make sure you know everything you need to know, as well as getting you into the simulation.

    If it has been a couple of days and you still haven't gotten an email from the sim hosts after being assigned by the Personnel Director, you should email the simulation hosts and their Fleet Command staff (On the Games Listing page look for the Simulation and email the hosts using the links, also check the Fleet Name, in the Staff Information page you can find the Fleet Command of the given fleet).

    After you are being assigned follow the hosts suggestion to get inside the simmer, and above all, Enjoy!

  • Who are these hosts guys who keep e-mailing me?

    Hosts are the Game Managers (also known as GMs), they are the ones who are running the simulation and usually one of them holds the most senior position on the simulation (Commanding Officer, Team Leader, etc'), they are incharge of taking care of all simmer's requests and for keeping the simulation active, any questions or ideas for a simulations should go to the simulations hosts as they are the ones who decide the back story of the sim.

  • In what ways can I make a post?

    A post in an E-mail Simulation is composed of a number of elements, such as actions the player did, people he talked to, text the player said, and actions that happens around the player's environment. While you as the player have total control over your character, you need to keep it aligned to the simulation reality, meaning god-modding is not allowed.

    What is god-modding? For example, taking over a ship in the Trek reality when you are neither the Captain nor the Executive Officer. Or making actions that affect the sim mission as a whole and were not approved by the hosts.

    You are encouraged to read the following guide to help better understand the interaction between members http://www.sb254.com/guide.php?id=5.

    A post usually contains one or more paragraphs, describing the character actions, for a complete review on the format a post needs to be in, you can read the following guide http://www.sb254.com/guide.php?id=23.

  • I'm finding this e-mail thing boring and too slow. What can I do?

    Post more! The best way to get an e-mail simulation more active is to post more to it and try to get more people to participate in it, more people who will participate as the more active the sim will be.

    If you still do not like the e-mail simulations format, try the Live Chat (AIM/IRC) format.

  • My host says I have to put a signature at the bottom of my posts. What does that mean?

    Adding a signature at the bottom or header of each posts helps the rest of the sim members understand who you are without needing to look for the ship roster, the signature should include the following lines:

    [Rank] [Name]
    [Primary vessel]
    [Current position]

    For example:

    Lt. Commander John Doe
    Chief Tactical Officer
    USS Enterprise