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Chat Simming FAQ

  • What is a Chat Sim?
      A chat sim is a game that meets in a chat room, whether that be on AOL, using AIM, or using IRC. Two people run the game, called hosts, and each player participates in a given position (like from the television show). Ever so often, the hosts of the game write action statements that will help lead the game into a certain direction, but it is up to the players of the game to decide the exact outcome of the plot.
  • At what times are these chat sims?
      We have chat sims all throughout the week. You are encouraged to click the "games listing" in the menu on the top left of this page.
  • So I joined a Chat sim...what do I do now?
      You should contact the hosts of the game. When you were assigned, you should have received an email that listed the two hosts responsible for the game. Contact them and they will give you instructions on how to join the mailing lists and join the chat room at the right time of the week.
  • Who are these CO or XO guys who keep e-mailing me?
      These are most likely the hosts of the game. Hosts in the FSF usually take the CO (Commanding Officer, eg Captain Picard) and XO (Executive Officer, First Officer, eg Commander Riker). They are the ones that will give you a rank and position and get you playing on the game.
  • How do I learn how to Chat sim? Who can help me?
      We have mentors that can help you inside our advanced games. Just please indicate on your application that you have no experience and we will assign you as a cadet. Once the hosts find out you are a cadet, they will either be your mentor or they will assign someone in your area as a merntor (eg, you like Security, so the Chief of Security on the sim will be your mentor). Ask exactly who is your mentor to be sure.
  • Where do I go if I'm a cadet in the academy?
      Most likely, you are a cadet in the Academy but assigned to an actual game in the FSF. Please refer to the answer above.
  • If I'm simming and nothing is going on in my department, should I stop participating or what?
      The worst possible thing a person can do in a sim is stop participating, for the sim is based on how involved the players are. If you find yourself with nothing to do.... make something up! If you're simming as medical officer, call someone down for a physical. If you're a science officer, begin work on a new experiment into the effect of antimatter on plant growth. If you're in security, try to catch that dog that escaped from the Captain's quarters. Just because your department might not be fully involved with the plotline does not mean that you are without something to do.