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Membership FAQ

  • Does joining the FSF mean I sell my right to be a member of other groups?
      Of course not. Although we do expect you to fulfill your duties to the FSF, you are not hindered from joining other sim groups if you so choose to do so. The FSF is a group created to promote simming, not a group to tie down its members to one set organization.

  • Is the FSF some kind of cult or something?
      The FSF, or Federation Sim Fleet, cannot be considered a cult by any means. We are an online free simming (role playing) organization that promotes community (without violence) in chats, email, or on message boards. We think of ourselves as a family, but in the sense that everyone knows each other and we're all here to help. The FSF has exisiting for seven years and its main goal is to provide fun, safe simulations for all members, young or old.

  • What do you have to do in order to join the FSF?
      In order to join the FSF, you only need a few simple things. One thing that you require is an email address. If you are on AOL, your screen name @aol.com is your address. If you are not sure of your address, look at an email someone sent you. Your address is in the TO box. If you don't have email, you can set one up at http://fsf.zzn.com The next thing you need would be a good imagination. We all here make up characters and role play them with other people JUST like yourself. You are expected to make some time every week and devote an hour or more to role play. We require you to have fun, if you are not having fun, please tell us. We would rather see you happy than confused.

  • How is the FSF Organized?

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  • Who are these scary Fleet Commanders I keep hearing about? Are they cannibalistic as people say they are?

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