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Simming FAQ

  • If I'm simming and nothing is going on in my department, should I stop participating or what?
      The worst possible thing a person can do in a sim is stop participating, for the sim is based on how involved the players are. If you find yourself with nothing to do.... make something up! If you're simming as medical officer, call someone down for a physical. If you're a science officer, begin work on a new experiment into the effect of antimatter on plant growth. If you're in security, try to catch that dog that escaped from the Captain's quarters. Just because your department might not be fully involved with the plotline does not mean that you are without something to do.

  • Are all of the FSF's sims Star Trek? I was never a big fan of Star Trek, and I think that Picard's head would be better used as a headlight...
      The FSF was once mainly a Star Trek sim group. The days of limited sims are over and we're proud to offer many different types of sims. If you go to the FSF website and click "GAME LISTING" you will see many chioces for different types of sims. At the time of this question, we have Star Trek, and X-Men games. All provide a fun atmosphere and we're happy to be able to offer them to our members. And you are right, Picard's head would be better used as a headlight, I think they wax it or something! :-)

  • What is simming?
      Simming is much like acting in a movie or play. A sim is based on a real life movie, or television series, or timeline, such as Star Trek, Star Wars, or even the World War II area. You assume the role of a character in one of these genres, for example, if you were doing a Star Trek sim, you would most likely be a Starfleet officer upon the ship. In the sim, you would be in complete control of this character. You would control what your character thinks, says, does. Of course, there are certain guidelines that must be followed within the sims, as well as a set command structure to be followed, but the rest is up to your and your imagination. More indepth detail of how to sim can be found on the FSF website.

  • What's the difference between Chat Simming, Message Board simming and E-mail Simming?

  • What other kinds of simming are there?

  • Do i play a certain Character in a chat sim?

  • How do I go about creating a character? And can I make my character an Admiral, since they have all the power and such?
      Good question! First off, think through what your character is going to be. You don't need all the details right now, but you should have a rough sketch in your mind of what your character looks like and how they feel about certain things. Next, I would recommend you find a picture of your character, draw them, or maybe just describe them in full detail. Now, since you've thought through your character, you are on your way to aking a biograpghy. A BIO is a history of your character and all traits about them. You can find the BIO by pressing "Information" then "Making a Bio" on the FSF site. Fill out all the blanks, spend about 25 to 30 minutes on it, and click send. You'll be glad you spent so much time on your character, and we're always happy with someone who has the ability to play such a rich role. About your other question... al characters start out as an Ensign unless authorized by the Personnel manager. An Admiral is an earned ranked member of the FSF staff. He has spent countless hours working. We don't deny that you will eve be an Admiral, but it takes time and work before you earn that title. Just make your character an Ensign and we'll help you from there.