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AIM Help Manual

AOL Instant Messenger Help Manual
Version 1.0
By: FSF Orion
Written on stardate 100208.14

If you are a newcomer to the world of simming on AIM, it would be a good idea to read this instructional manual. The majority of FSF’s advanced simulations operate in the AIM realm; the purpose of this document will be to teach you to utilize the necessary tools to make the most of your online simming experience. Please note that America Online (AOL) and AOL Instant Messenger are part of the same network. A user connecting to an advanced simulation via AOL can interact with an AIM user who does not use AOL. In fact, the purpose of AIM is to link these two foreign bodies together.

Installing AIM

1) Go to http://www.aim.com - click on "New Users, click here!"

2)You will be brought to a page requesting account information. This is the time that you will create your AIM name and password. The fields on this page are self-explanatory. The buttons below the account information are for you to specify if you want your profile (which you will create later) available to other AOL/AIM users.

3) The next page will be for downloading the program. Follow the instructions.

Running AIM

1)Once you have installed the program, click on the AIM icon to load the program. A log in screen will appear for you to enter your user name and password. Remember, this was the information that you supplied in step 2 of the installation process. There will be two check boxes in the log in screen: One will say "Save Password" and one will say "Auto-login." Checking both of these will allow AIM to automatically log you in once the program is loaded, as opposed to you supplying the information every time. If you prefer security over quickness, leave these boxes unchecked. You will then have to supply the log in information each time you want to log onto AIM.

2)You should now be logged in. The window appearing before you is your AIM buddy list. If your account is brand new, then you will not see anyone on your list. Don’t worry, this will change as you get to know more people around the Federation Sim Fleet. The first thing you should notice is two tabs attached to your buddy list. One says "Online" while the other says "List Setup." Whatever one is currently selected will appear as bold. The "Online" tab is for your functional buddy list, showing who is online and who isn’t. The "List Setup" tab is for editing your list; click on it.

3)Try adding a buddy. Click on "Add Buddy" and insert a name. Who should you add? Well, a start may be your simulation hosts. They can be found on the FSF website if you aren’t sure who they are. Most hosts have "FSF" in the beginning of their name on AIM. (ie. FSF Orion), however the administration use different names, (ie. AdmShuni, AdmCalhoun). Once you have added someone, click on "Online" to see if they are online.

4)If one of the buddies you have just added is online, try sending them a message. Double click on their name to open a chat window. Once it’s open, say hello in the dialogue box and hit "enter" to send.

5)To join a simulation, find out what time the simulation takes place at. This information can be found on the FSF website. Also find out what room the simulation will take place in. The hosts of the sim will be able to tell you this, or there may be a link in the FSF game listing. Once you have the room name, add yourself to your buddy list using step 3. Under the "Online" tab, right click on your name once. A menu will appear. Click on "Send buddy chat invitation…" Another window will appear after this. In this window, next to "Buddy Chat Room," insert the name of the simulation. (Example: USS Coeus). Then click "Send." This will get you into the room where the simulation is taking place. If you join the room and see no one there, check the time of the sim (you may be too early or too late), or the spelling of the room you inserted. Also, not all simulations use obvious names. (For instance, the simulation USS Coeus may use the room Coeus, Coeus Sim, or any other combination). Be sure you know the name so you can save yourself the hassle.

If you have any additional questions regarding AIM, you can ask an FSF host online, or even one of your fellow crew mates. Also, in the AIM menu part (located at the top), you can click on "Help" and "New User Wizard" for additional tutorials.