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Starfleet Codes

Code 1 Emergency: Federation signal for a total disaster, requiring and immediate response. (Nitz Baris sent a Code 1 Emergency call to the Enterprise from Deep Space Station K-7 [TOS: The Trouble with Tribbles].)

Code 1: Starfleet designation for a declaration of war. (In 2267, the Enterprise received a Code 1 message from Starfleet Command stating they were at war with the Klingon Empire [TOS: Errand of Mercy].)

Code 2: Starfleet encryption protocol that the Romulans had broken as of 2267. (While under the effects of the aging disease acquired on planet Gamma Hydra IV, Kirk ordered a message sent using Code 2, forgetting that Romulan intelligence had broken that code. After he was cured, he again used Code 2, but intended the Romulans to understand what he was saying [TOS: The Deadly Years].)

Code 47: Term designating a Starfleet subspace communiqu? of extremely high sensitivity or secrecy. Code 47 messages are intended only for the eyes of a starship captain, and voiceprint identification is required. Further, no computer records are maintained of Code 47 transmissions. (Walker Keel's message to Picard requesting a meeting at planet Dytallix B was Code 47, although the conspirators got wind of it anyhow [TNG: Conspiracy].)

Code 710: Interstellar code prohibiting a spacecraft from approaching a planet. (The Enterprise received a Code 710 from planet Eminar VII in 2267 [TOS: A Taste of Armageddon].)

Code Factor 1: Starfleet code meaning invasion status. (An unexplained time-warp distortion that swept across the galaxy in 2267 caused Starfleet Command to issue a Code Factor 1 [TOS: The Alternative Factor].)

Code Alpha One Zero: Signal indicating the discovery of a space vehicle in distress. (Riker issued a Code Alpha One Zero following the detection of an automated distress signal from the USS Jenolen [TNG: Relics].)

Condition Green: Covert Starfleet code used to secretly indicate on a clear channel that the speaker is being held captive. Condition Green also prohibits the listener from taking any actions such as a rescue mission. (Captain Kirk relayed this code to Mr. Scott when Kirk was being held captive on planet 892-IV in 2267 [TOS: Bread and Circuses].)

Security Clearance 5: A high level of authorization needed to access restricted computer functions. (Aboard station Deep Space 9, it was required to activate the repaired replicators in Ops on stardate 46423 [DS9: Babel].)

Security Clearance 7: Level of clearance needed to access the location of weapons storage. (DS9: Captive Pursuit)

Emergency Procedure Alpha 2: Emergency protocol used aboard Federation starships which disengages all ship-board computer control and placed ship's systems on manual override. (Counselor Troi, in command following the ship's collision with a quantum filament on stardate 45156, ordered this procedure put in effect [TNG: Disaster].)