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Medical Officers - A Guide

The medical department is responsible for the health of the ship's crew and any visitors to the ship. When someone is injured or infected, it's up to medical to heal them and find the solution if there's a virus around. Due to their Hippocratic oath, medical is required to provide medical assistance wherever it is needed. This could bring the officer at odds with their superiors, but you must always remember to never endanger the ship. It is your prime responsibility.

Positions in Medical


The CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER (CMO) is a medical doctor that heads up the ships Medical Department. The CMO helps the sick and wounded, pronounces biological lifeforms dead, studies biological lifeforms, diagnoses, and comes up with cures for new diseases, etc... There is only one CMO. She/He is an expert and has many degrees in the field of medicine. The main doctor of the sick bay, does all the administrative duties. Performs all medical and surgical duties as required. Directs all the Assistant medical personnel and the EMH. The CMO is usually required to be on all away missions.


The ASSISTANT MEDICAL OFFICER (MO) assists the CMO with the esponsibilities of the ship's Medical Department. AMO's are also medical doctors and fill in for the CMO from time to time. She/He will often accompany Away Teams and carry medical kits and tricorders ready to mend any possible injury. The Assistants also collect inventory information, stock supplies, and does routine maintenance of the equipment. An AMO can check the Hypospray supplies, set out medical equipment, prepare the bio-bed, recalibrate the regenerators and tricorder. Set up the Med Lab for test analysis.


The SHIP'S COUNSELOR (CNS) is responsible for the emotional well-being of the ship's crew. A counselor's duties include providing individual guidance and advice to crew members, as well as periodic crew performance evaluations, usually performed with the ship's executive officer or other department heads. A counselor is also expected to mediate communications in difficult first contact situations, and provide advice to the Commanding Officer. Telepathic counselors will report any information (learned by telepathic means) relevant to the ship's mission to the Commanding Officer.

What are the Counselor's Main Duties? There are eight areas for which a
counselor is responsible.
1. Crew Member Counselling
At times, certain characters in the game will require the CNS to have
counseling sessions. They need to come to him/her. The CNS may
suggest that they schedual an appointment, but under no
circumstances may he/she force them into it... this includes
creating psychological problems.
2. Crew Member Evaluation
The Exectuive Officer and the Counselor have the pleasure of
doing personnel evaluations when the Commanding Officer
demands of them. Although the CO has the right to promote
anyone they would like, the XO and the CNS decide who
to recommend for promotion. In the likelyhood that the CNS
is recommending a promotion, he/she should not mention it during a sim,
in a log, or in a post is not good, unless the CO approves.
3. Crew Member Orientation
New members of sims are always around. It is the Counselor's
duty, and priveledge to show them around, make them feel welcomed,
and to introduce them to the rest of the crew. During a live sim,
the CNS should wait to do this during personal logs and such, but
in an email sim, this is what a CNS would do. As soon as the
newcomer is confirmed on board, he/she goes right at it.
4. First Contact Procedures
In the event that a crew/sim/ship meets a new species, all first
contact procedures must take place. CO, XO, Security, Counselor
and Chief Medical Officer should be present in full dress uniform;
an official greeting on behalf of the Federation should be offered; etc.
A counselor's job is to advise the Commanding Officer after observing
this new culture.
5. Away Missions
During an away mission that does not threaten the... away team, the
Counselor is invited to join. The counselor would be there to help with the
interaction with other cultures, advise the team leader. In the event
that the team might encounter danger, the Counselor cannot join
the team unless selected by the team leader or Commanding Officer.
6. Morale Officer
As morale officer, it is the CNS's duty to keep spirits up, even if his/hers are
not. From giving personal attention to replicating flowers on a birthday,
the counselor should do his or her very best. Keep an eye on the crew,
and make sure everyone feels their best on a daily basis.
7. Middle Person Role
Disputes between crew members can happen, they can even happen
between Senior officers. Although everyone is professional and
shouldn't let a difference of opinions bother them, they usually can
grow to become a full dispute. The Counselor's job would be
to make sure problems are solved before they grow. This can range
from rank problems, to taking orders, to department head problems.
Although it would be the CNS's responsibility to help, he/she cannot force
it on them. He/she may suggest their own help, as with the counseling
sessions, but he/she cannot make the player do anything they do not
want with their character.
8. Advisor to the Commanding Officer
The counselor is placed into a position where they would function as the left
hand person to the Commanding Officer, therefore being able to influence
important decisions in times that call for split-second thinking. During such
times as a heated battle, or even just a routine ride around the orbit of a
previously undiscovered planet, the Counselor should always be observing,
and if there is something that the Counselor feels would be relevant to the
situation, they should bring it up at the most convenient opportunity. As
well, the Counselor should always be ready with helpful input should the
Commanding Officer need a second or third opinion on an idea.

Starfleet Medical Equipment

SICK BAY (SB) - A starship or station medical facility where most, if not all, medical equipment resides.

EMERGENCY MEDICAL HOLOGRAPHIC PROGRAM (EMH) - A holographic doctor which can be initiated in medical emergencies. The Holographic projectors are monitored and adjusted by Engineering. The EMH has a direct link to the ships computer and is able to draw on anything new that is put into the ships data banks. The EMH reports directly to the Chief Medical Officer.

BIO BED (BioB) - This is the main patient's bed; the BioB is capable of tracking the patient's vital signs and running scans of the patient. Bio beds can be simple or set up for surgical procedures, depending on the need. Most biobeds have straps to hold down the patients when needed. Usually when the ship is in a battle and or when they need restraining for other reasons.

LIFE SUPPORT MONITOR (LSP) - The life support monitor is usually attached to the bio bed. It monitors all the vital signs of a patient. The life support monitor needs regular diagnostics run on it, much like a computer does.

MEDICAL TRICORDER (MedTric) - A hand held unit used to collect data about the patient. The MedTric is a scanner unit that has the capability of getting detailed cell analysis of every cell in a patients body.

REGENERATORS (Regen) - These include the Cardio, Organ and Dermal Regenerators
Regenerators can be directed at a specific point or used to regenerate entire fields.
Cardio regenerators are used to regenerate lung tissue and
enhance breathing capabilities.
Organ regenerators can regenerate up to 65% of any organ
programmed into it's database.
Dermal regenerators are used to regenerate skin. Used to
closeup an open wound, it can be used to regrow skin too.
In a sim, they are sometimes just referred to as a
Regenerator. They are also sometimes referred to
as a scanner.

NEURAL STIMULATOR - can be hand held or attached to a bed. The neural stimulator send electrical impulses to the brain to stimulate the brain making it active again

CARDIO STIMULATOR - used to shock the heart muscles, used to regulate the heart back to a normal beat.

HYPOSPRAY - hand held small sized cylinder type spray that can introduce antibiotics, antiseptic, stimulate, sedatives or other drugs directly to the patients system.

Antibiotics - are used to fight off infection, reduce fever, or boost the immune system. One common type is Tricodrazine

Anesthetics - are used to reduce pain or put people to sleep, a strong form, it's usually used before performing surgery. A common form of an Anesthetic is Medorazine, which will induce sleep.

Stimulant - are used to keep people awake and aware of their surroundings, used alot on missions where patient's are injured and must be kept awake during missions.

Sedatives - pain killer or used to calm a hysterical person down. Valium would be a common type of sedative.

MEDICAL PAKS - These paks are sometimes called the Emergency Med Kit - med paks hold everything that most medical people will need in an Emergency situation. They are always taken on away missions and are located throughout the ship. They usually contain the following: tricorder, regenerator, stimulator, hyposprays and basic surgical equipment. All med paks are continually checked for contents, the equipment recalibrated or fixed as needed. Restocking and maintenance of the med paks are the responsibility of the Assistant medical personnel.

LASER SCALPEL or EXOSCALPEL - A medical instrument capable of precise cuts producing little or no blood loss. Allows the surgeon to look at the underlying tissue in the body.

MEDICAL LOGS, PATIENT STATUS REPORTS - Medical logs are the computer logs that keep the medical staff informed and up-to-date on medical procedures. Patient status reports are the reports kept on a patients status. This could be anything from a annual physical to an injury. They must be reviewed by all medical personnel directly involved with the patient. They also hold testing results, scans, etc.

Medical Technology and Procedures

Please visit the FSF Medical Guild Website in order to read up on this information. We have detailed information on Medical Terminology, Procedures, Information, and much much more. Visit http://sb254.com/fsf/guilds/medical to get the full information.

Medical Abbreviations

We have over two thousand medical abreviations for use during logs and during sims. These are located on the FSF Medical Guild website for your reading pleasure. You should take a peak and familiarize yourself on where they are on the website, so that you can use them if need be. Visit them at http://sb254.com/fsf/guilds/medical

Example Medical Log

USS Exodus
Mission Log, Lieutenant Commander Kerry Greene, M.D.
StarFleet Medical Officer

"Man, oh man alive, do I have a story to tell you, computer!" Dr. Greene said, standing in her quarters. Her quarters were quite large, and the room she was standing in was about 16 feet x 40 feet. There was a large upright piano in the middle, and a couch made of deep purple leather. On the wall there were many paintings, ranging from the works of Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci to the abstract thinker Piccaso. There were several tables and shelves with statues and ceramic figures on them. The room was tidy and neat, and over on the far corner was a table with a DMDD folded down. The air in the room smelled like a pine tree as she always sprayed potpourri in the room.

"Please restate the command." The computer replied with a single, monotone voice. Kerry touched her hair and gave out a deep sigh, and walked over to the sofa near the window. She sat down and looked out at the pretty stars. She estimated that the Exodus was traveling at approx warp 6.0. She gazed out at the stars, and sat there for about five minutes thinking, almost in a mediative state of mind. Suddenly she was interrupted by a beeping sound, coming from her comm badge. She scootched herself over into arms reach of the comm badge, and taped it once. "This is Kerry Greene", she said into the object, "what can I do for you?" she sat and waited for a moment, and nothing. No static, no voices, nothing. She sat there for a moment, and she heard somebody speak. "Dr. Greene, this is Chief Petty Officer Boris Schlingerkov. " said a man with a deep Russian accent "Ve are in need ov emergency medical assistance in the cargo bay". She thought about it for a moment, knowing that just a few days ago, she was told to stay off of active duty, but, her accident happened almost a week and a half ago, and she was able to move around almost as normal, but not as quickly. But, she hasn't has a good case in a while, and there was clearly a medical emergency. "I am on my way, Mr. Schlingerkov".

She took her comm badge off of the table and pinned it on her uniform. She quickly walked over toward the door and grabbed a med kit that she had laying on the dresser. "Dr. Greene to sickbay. Have a triage team standing bye, also, send a nurse down to cargo bay 1 NOW!" she ordered. She quickly ran down the hall in her gray and blue starfleet uniform. She walked toward the turbo lift, and, to her misfortune, it was not there. "Computer, emergency medical Turbolift call, authorization Greene seventeen omega magazine." she said. "Acknowledged. Rerouting Turbo lift to this deck." She stood there for no more than 15 seconds, when a Turbo Lift full of people came and opened. She stepped on the Turbo Lift. "Cargo Bay 1!" she said. The TruboLift shot off, and she did not recognize any of the people on the TurboLift. She was able to hear people mumbling among the crew members, but she didn't care much at all. The TurboLift kept whooshing, and finally, it stopped. She quickly shot out, and looked around, and saw a big mess of people there, standing over something, or perhaps, somebody!" She walked off quickly and rushed over to the mob. "What's going on?" she asked. "Thank goodness! A doctor has arrived!" said a female engineering officer. "We aren't sure what happened, but, Lieutenant Loral is down! I heard a screech, and, a bunch of tumbling, and then he was here"; the female explained, and was interrupted by a male voice. "He's blowing chunks again!!" Greene blinked for a moment, and looked at the shiny floor of the Exodus. Oh my god! She opened her med kit, and heard the familiar voice of Nurse Jarrett asking what happened. "Julia, get over here!" Greene said. Julia came rushing over. Dr. Greene began scanning Lieutenant Loral with her tricorder. "He's loosing his life signs!" she reported. Julia tapped her comm badge. "Emergency transport to sickbay!" she said. Within seconds, a voice interrupted "I'm sorry, but the transporters are offline." Julia began to argue with the attendant. "Forget it" Corday said. "Dyson, go get that gurney over there!" she ordered to an ensign standing by and opened up her Med Kit and started pulling devices out. She started to attach some portable devices onto the Lieutenant. "Here you are Doctor," the young Ensign reported. "Mr. Schlingerkov, call the Turbo Lift. Okay, everyone, lift him up on my count. Three...Two....One....COUNT!" As if they were attempting to move a bridge, 5 officers picked Lieutenant Loral onto a gurney. The Turbo Lift doors were open, and, Boris had cleared everyone out of it. Greene pushed the gurney toward the turbo lift, and Julia followed. She carefully
monitored him, as Julia told the TurboLift to go up Sickbay.

As if it took an eternity, the TurboLift finally arrived in the corridor outside of sickbay. In a collective effort, Jarrett and Corday pushed the massive gurney out of the TurboLift and into sickbay. She rushed it into sickbay, and saw the triage team of three nurses, one resident, and an intern standing there. "Okay people, let's prep here!" Greene started to order out, and 2 of the nurses and the intern pulled the gurney over toward a bio bed. "Lift on three", the intern, Stu Hahn said. The members of the medical team lifted Lieutenant Loral onto the bio bed. "Why didn't you take the transporter?" asked Stu "It's offline for some reason..." and suddenly, the lights in sickbay went off. Dr. Greene figured it was the gel packs. "Oh crap!" she said "Get the trauma equipment on battery power. Looks like we're going to have to do this the old fashioned way." "The old fashioned way, Dr.
Greene?" "Yes, the old fashioned way, Mr. Hahn."

With most of the sickbays generators online, the only thing running at will was life support, and the lights, they couldn't replicate any fancy equipment, or replicate the drugs they needed. They were on their own, using the old fashioned tools. "Dr Greene, Loral is vomiting again." called a nurse. "Okay, lets put him on....350 mg of Chlorzoxazone, IV drip." she called out "Where do you want the catheter, Dr. Greene?" "Put it right into his abdomen. I want to relax his stomach muscles. And yes, use an IV bag. Chlorzoxazone won't work through a hypospray. Alright, lets try and diagnose him. Mr. Hahn, report. "Dr. I believe he may have fallen over something, it looks like he has a rather large concussion on his cerebellum. His life signs are falling, and his heart is in a V-TECH pattern." Mr. Hahn reported, with a smile on his face. "Alright, lets get his heart stable first. 15ccs of Lydocaine, 10mg of Pyridoxine hydrochloride and 50 mg of Riluzole. "Yes Dr." said a nearby nurse. "He's going into arrest!" yelled Julia. "Alright, Stu start CPR." she said as she watched the monitor. "He's non responsive to the CPR, Dr. Greene", called Hahn. "Alright. Let's shock him at 230." she ordered and the nurses began to tap buttons on several of the battery operated terminals. Kerry watched the clock on the monitor. He was flat lined for 10 seconds. 55 more seconds and he'd be a goner. "Charged!" called Julia. Kerry looked at Loral's body and then at the console on the bio bed. The graph showed that the defibrillators were charged at 230. "CLEAR!" she yelled and rammed her fingers onto a console. Surges of electricity from all sorts of batter devices kicked in, sending an electrical pulse through the Lieutenant's chest. She watched...his heart came back to rhythm for 15 seconds, and dropped out again. "Crap." "Charge to 250, Dr.?" "No, Julia. Get me a 15...no....yes...15 blade. " she jogged over toward a sterilizing unit and put her hands into it. "Dr Boyce" she yelled "we need a cardiac massage over here. NOW".

After she finished sterilizing her hands, she returned to Loral. The tools were all set on teh bio bed, and, just in the nick of time, the bio neural gel packs came back online. Dr. Boyce headed toward the patient "Dr. Greene, I think we should do this in the OR." "There's no time. Tom, get ready to massage. He's been out for 30 seconds now." She picked up the 15 blade and put it right on the top of his chest. The room went utterly silent except for the beep of a monitor. She dragged the sharp tool across his chest, and blood started to leak out all over the place. She had cut a hole approx. 15 cm long into the Lieutenant's flesh. "Okay, stretch!" called Dr. Boyce, and a few nurses pulled the skin out, and you could clearly see inside of the patient's chest. Dr Boyce stuck his hand in there and felt around for a second. "Okay, I have his heart." "Okay, start a manual pump." Dr. Boyce began to slowly close his fist, the heart pumped up. He opened his hand, and it pumped down. "It's starting to pump on its own" he reported 30 seconds later, and pulled his hand out. Loral's heart was pumping on its own now, thanks to the handy work of Dr. Boyce. "Okay, let's start him on 200mg of Promazine hydrochloride." called Greene. "Okay, Dr. Greene. I'll take it from here." called Dr. Boyce. "Alright. If you need me call me." she said and walked out of the trauma area.

Lieutenant Commander Kerry Greene, M.D.
StarFleet Medical Officer
USS Exodus